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What Is a Facelift Procedure?

This is a surgery to lift facial tissues to create a more youthful appearance. The surgery removes age-related conditions, like wrinkles and facial lines, from the face. However, even if you don’t have any of the conditions, you can still undergo the surgery to make...

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Types of Rhinoplasty in Santa Barbara

Actually, there are three types of rhinoplasty. Two of them are based on the approach used, while the third one is based on the extent of the surgery. The main types of rhinoplasty Santa Barbara are:

Closed Rhinoplasty

For this approach, incisions are made...

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Am I a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to the eligibility for rhinoplasty. First, your nose has to be fully developed, and according to experts, it takes 14 years of age for a girl and 16 years for a boy for their nose to be fully developed, on...

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Can’t Any Plastic Surgeon Perform Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery requires a keen attention for detail and a high level of proficiency when it comes to the anatomy of the face. The best cosmetic surgeons offer individualized assistance that is tailored to the specific needs of each patient. Each ...

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What About My Nose Can a Nose Job Change?

Depending on why you want the surgery and the condition of your nose, the changes are infinite, but the common ones are listed below.

• Blocked or narrow nasal passages may be opened or widened to ease breathing.
• For a nose that got damaged by an inju...

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What Is An Eyelid Lift?

Jan 26, 2020 – Jul 23, 2020

When the eyes have started to take on a more tired and aged look, a patient may decide that it is in their best interests to receive an eyelid lift from a professional cosmetic surgeon. This procedure is a great way for the patient to properly restore their appearance. Eyelid lifts provide a more...

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So What Exactly is a Nose Job?

Due to the advancement in the medical field, it is now possible for you to get your nose reshaped either to correct a health condition or for better looks. The surgery is known as rhinoplasty. So, it is a nose-reshaping surgery to improve the symmetry, size, or sha...

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How to Care for Yourself After Blepharoplasty

Recovery after blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is fairly straightforward. Always be sure to follow the post-op instructions of your Santa Barbara plastic surgeon. You can schedule a blepharoplasty Santa Barbara

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a month ago
Dr. Sheffield is an EXCELLENT surgeon!! I had a great experience with him and I cannot recommend him enough for any facial plastic surgery procedure. His talent is so rich and his techniques are pioneered and are so far ahead of any other plastic surgeon I’ve been to. Combine that with his down to earth demeanor, and you have yourself a very unique physician who cares about his patients and that is very apparent. He is also quite professional and he knew exactly what needed to be done with my facelift and the things I didn’t like without me really having to say anything at all. I was very impressed. If you are ever in Santa Barbara and you are looking for a short scar facelift or any other facial procedure, he is the go to surgeon, no doubt.
- Michael A
a year ago
Dr. Sheffield did my silhouette lift and my eyelid surgery on the same day. This was last year and I’m still very happy with the results. Everything came out so great and I will be 53 in October and I’ve totally loving my youthful look. I cannot thank him enough for boosting my confidence and refreshing my appearance. He is a great plastic surgeon and he is excellent at what he does.
- Alice W
9 months ago
Dr. Sheffield went out of his way to make sure my visit to his office was a success, I was informed that he was very thorough, conscientious and highly experienced when it comes to facelift and rhinoplasty using local anesthesia. I asked around, and the opinion is he is the go to facial plastic surgeon in town, and I wanted to be well informed of all my options. I can certainly confirm the level of his precision and skillfulness. It’s refreshing to meet one of the rare and genuine surgeons who cares so personally about his patient’s well-being.
- Nikole B

Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery

Having reconstructive or corrective surgery is seen as a big decision. It can be a life-altering procedure as it could correct a deformity thus improving your appearance. This will impact the way you feel about yourself and also how you interact with the external environment. Choosing an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon is crucial as it will determine the success of the procedure. Find the right plastic surgeon can be a daunting experience. There are just too many surgeons to choose from and you’re likely to be overwhelmed with the process.

You might not be sure of the type of surgeon you need and it is recommended that you consult with your physician before making the decision. You can contact Robert W. Sheffield MD if you’re looking for a Santa Barbara plastic surgeon who is experienced in facelift, mini facelift, facial plastic surgery, and any kind of procedure to do with the face. Here are some tips that could come in handy when looking for a cosmetic plastic surgeon.  

Get Referrals  

Before you can even think about checking out the plastic surgeons in your area on the internet, you should start with your primary care provider. The general physician is likely to know of an experienced plastic surgeon that could help with your case. You could also ask family are friends as there is a possibility they might know a reliable plastic surgeon. Once you get the referrals, you can go ahead and research the backgrounds of the doctors.  

There are plenty of useful resources which are freely available on the internet that can be used for research purposes. Ideally, you should call the offices of the shortlisted surgeons in order to determine if they are accepting new patients. You might get a good surgeon but they are fully booked and it might take a while before they get to attend to you.  

Research the Credentials  

Plastic surgery is a delicate procedure that could be life-threatening if it is not done correctly. That is why it is important to make sure the plastic surgeon has the proper credentials before you go under the knife. Board certification is the main credential you should be looking at when doing the research for the credentials. It will offer a guarantee that the doctor has the necessary training and experience to carry out the trade. Make you’re confirming that the doctor has no violations or malpractice claims. The local medical board will have the necessary information you need to confirm the credentials. You could also ask the plastic surgeon to produce the credentials. This shouldn’t be a problem unless they have something to hide.  

Consider Experience  

A plastic surgeon might have the required qualifications but is the experience that will make he or she stand out. The more experienced a plastic surgeon is with a particular condition, the better the result. There are plastic surgeons that are highly specialized. They do reconstructive surgeries on specific parts of the boy. An experienced doctor will avoid surgical complications that could arise from the procedure. They will promptly respond if there are emergency issues. 

You should ask the doctor how many patients with a similar condition as yours they have treated. Find out about the complication rates and consult with the doctor on how these specific challenges are usually addressed. 


It is important that you’re comfortable with the doctor as he or she is going to be doing the reconstructive surgery. There are people who might be more comfortable if the plastic surgeon is of a particular gender. Cosmetic surgery is usually done on more female patients compared to men. Men are also actively seeking the benefits of plastic surgery and their needs are unique compared to that of women. Make sure you’re meeting with the plastic surgeon before the procedure. This creates a rapport and can identify if there is chemistry and connection between the two of you.  

Hospital Quality  

The Santa Barbara plastic surgeon is not the only thing that you should be worried about. The hospital quality also matters as it could dictate how fast you recover after the procedure. You can research on the quality of care to expect and how the patients are treated. Location is another important consideration as you don’t want to travel long distances for the procedure. You will need to go to the hospital for additional tests and treatments. This can be challenging if it is located far away from your home or workplace.  


You should not worry about reaching out to the plastic surgeon. You should feel comfortable talking to the doctor when communicating your needs. You can ask a couple of questions when you meet the doctor to see how they respond. A good doctor should not be offended even when you ask a lot of questions however trivial they might be. The doctor should answer the questions in a way that is easy to understand. The doctor should also be genuinely interested in your welfare. They will ask about the treatment preferences and what they could do to make you feel comfortable.

Patients Satisfaction Surveys  

This one of the easiest ways you can know about the level of satisfaction you can expect from the plastic surgeon. You get an insight into how the doctor conducts himself by reading what other patients have to say about the services. The patient satisfaction surveys will ask patients about the experience when dealing with the doctor. They will be asked about wait times, scheduling appointments, office staff friendliness, and the general office environment. You’re able to determine how well the patients trust the doctor.  

To sum it up, getting the right plastic surgeon is crucial for the success of the procedure. Given the delicate nature of medical surgery, working with an experienced surgeon will provide assurance on safety. You can reach out to Robert W. Sheffield, MD if you’re looking for an experienced Santa Barbara plastic surgeon you can trust.  

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